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  • Spartan Medusa E-liquid
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Spartan Medusa E-Liquid 100ml ($11.99 $9.99)

    Amazing juice. I've tried many other companies, paid prices from poor vaper to rich vaper, and Spartan vapes/t-vapes is where it's at. Do NOT let the price put you off. This is DEFINITELY top line super expensive Champaign juice on a wino budget.

    Medusa was my first try. And I was wary. I had a gross experience with another cheap vape store (WV are the initials) and all the juices either tasted the same or were all very purfume like, no matter how long I steeped. Ended up steeping the lot into the rubbish bin.

    So I saw a stellar post on reddit about this store. Figured why not try. And I'm so glad I did. I've placed an order today for 2 other Juices and know they'll be top end also.

    Medusa is THE perfectly made Nesquik Strawberry Milk. Perfect glass but in vape form. The taste on inhaling and exhaling is exquisite. It doesn't gunk my coils. I have a big baby beast running a 0.15 ohm and also an ileaf running a 0.4 ohm. Usually I need to replace coils every few days. But Medusa has my coils going clear even almost 2 weeks later. I puff between 60 and 62.5 watts on a Segliei SnowWolf 220w.

    If you love strawberry milk, you SO won't go wrong with Medusa. It's definitely my adv (all day vape) and 10/10 will order again.

    Spartan (t-vapes - not sure if one is juice brand name and the other is the store name... Still, both names equate to "superb quality" to me) may only have a few juices on their e-shelves, but I'm starting to think that is wise. Focusing on quality vs quantity DOES make a huge difference. The places that have hundreds of Juices they make just can't focus on quality at all.

    Thanks, t-vapes /Spartan. You've caused me to love vaping where before it was about tolerating perfume juice and ruined coils way too fast. I'm loyal to you for life.

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    2017-10-15 14:44:01
  • Spartan Eros 60ml e-liquid
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Spartan Eros 100ml E-Liquid ($11.99 $9.99)

    Excellent juice, excellent prices, super fast shipping. Wish 9 or 12mg was an option! Thanks!
    I'm a purchaser, it was just done from someone else's account!
    This juice is great, Don't hesitate!

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    2017-10-10 12:13:12